A while back Gamnesia reported on “Smashketball,” a basketball-like game you can play in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U using the Stage Builder. It appears that Smashketball has resulted in a rising trend in custom stage mini-games.

Via Kotaku, here’s a roundup of some of the coolest ones that fans have come up with:

Smash Potato

We’ll start with this one, as it actually predates Smashketball, plus you can even play it in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS! It’s a two-player game where both play as Villager. Using the down special Timber, you plant and chop down a tree, while your opponent tries to catch it with the neutral special Pocket and pass it back to you. Smash Potato gets intense once the mind games begin, so try to fake out your opponent however you can!

Capture the Flag

Here are the rules, as told by the game’s creator, Kotaku user glazedkoala:

1. Time Attack

2. Team Battle (2v2) with Team Attack Off.

3. High Item Spawn: Switch on only the Flag and Maximum Tomatoes. (You can experiment with turning off tomatoes or changing the item spawn rate, but I think this works best).

On this stage it’s nearly impossible to kill each other. Instead points are scored by grabbing the flags that spawn. One teammate grabs a flag and runs to a choke point to activate it. The other defends. Sometimes it just becomes a race to activate a flag then quickly stop your opponent from activating theirs. Best played as Fox, Captain Falcon, or Sonic.

Pac-Land Race

This one will have you and your friends in stitches. Play a single-stock Fast Smash match on the Pac-Land stage. The only rule is that you’re not allowed to attack; you can, however, footstool jump on your opponents. It’s a challenge to survive the obstacle course that is Pac-Land.

Bumper Madness

This isn’t something new for this generation of
Smash, but it’s still fantastic. The recipe is simple: 300% damage, high item frequency, bumpers only. The ensuing chaos is fantastic.

A similar mode from Kotaku user Bananacop leaves out the bumpers and substitutes some more explosive items:

Final destination

300% damage

2.0x damage ratio (or flying distance).

Green turtle shells, exploding boxes, x bombs, soccer balls, barrels, regular boxes, and bob-ombs all set to high.

And finally, 99 lives.


Yeah, I’ve already mentioned it… but there’s more than one way to play Smashketball! Try building the stage up top for a new twist on the “sport,” or the one below for even more complexity.

Alternatively, you can switch things up with a game of Jigglyball. Allow its creator, pandajedi, to explain:

I play on a Smashketball-esque stage. Mine is two boxes shorter than the final destination outline in the stage editor, and lacks any recovery options beneath the stage. But I play it pretty differently than standard Smashketball- I call it Jigglyball. 1v1 matches with a third player as a computer opponent Jigglypuff. The Jigglypuff is a custom character with two pieces of Trade-Off Equipment (so that it starts the match with 40% damage). Play on Timed. The only goal is, Kill Jigglypuff. The narrowness of the stage makes for some really sweet trick throws, alley-oops, and dunks. Kills and deaths don’t matter, ONLY Jigglypuff kills (or JigglyPoints), and because you don’t care about dying, you can sometimes use being launched into the hoops as an opportunity to take Jigglypuff out with you. It’s a lot of fun.


This one’s really easy, but Redittor atomattack has a formula to liven up the action:

Small stage

Single, long platform in the center with a thin wall about 10-15 units high

1 spring on each side of the wall for spiking

WiiFit Trainer recommended as the players, Jigglypuff required as the ball

Light gravity for easier gameplay


This stage traps players with just one opening for KOs at the very bottom. Expect to get to some insanely high damage percentages.

Smash Soccer

This sport stage takes advantage of the fact that the Soccer Ball is already an item in Smash Bros. The rules are fairly self-explanatory, but you can watch the video above to see it in action.

The coolest thing about all these mini-games is how they demonstrate what an excellent, inventive fan community Smash has.

Source: Various (via Kotaku)

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