This is the first of a new, badly photoshopped, weekly feature where I highlight some game-related videos of different sorts by fans. The subject matter and featured artists will vary; while some may be people you’ve seen before, I’m going to do my best to bring some newer talent to light. 

First, however, is a group with a fairly decent following. I’ve been falling the Yumeduo (whose YouTube channel is furyxx) for years now; they arrange various songs from video games, anime, and movies and perform them with just a piano and violin. They’re extremely talented, and have actually earned themselves some fame through their videos, even performing at Video Games Live. This piece is a cover of one of my favorite Chrono Trigger pieces that they played at Japan Expo Belgium; they also did a sweet Bioshock selection, but I just love Time’s Scar too much.

Next, we have one my favorite videos from retsupurae; retsupurae is a channel by Slowbeef and Diabeetus, two of the first Let’s Players from Something Awful. The channel generally involves watching terrible Let’s Plays and doing commentary over them, but there was a stretch of time where they found a series of 90’s game reviews that are just terrible, and this one’s probably the funniest in that series.

Lastly, here’s a quick animation by elcid1984 featuring an alternate ending to Journey; don’t worry, it doesn’t spoil anything. It got a good amount of views, but I bet there’s still some of you who haven’t seen it, and it’s good enough to watch twice anyway.

Well, that’s all for this week. If you enjoyed the videos, check out the channels and maybe throw them a sub; all of these YouTubers put a lot of effort into their videos. Well, except retsupurae. Either way, if you liked them or have some suggestions, sound off below!
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