Recently, a single Twitch.Tv stream has been taking the internet by
storm. What kind of stream could cause this, you may ask?
TwitchPlaysPokémon, a viewer-controlled version of Pokémon Red in which
thousands of players control one character. It is hectic, fascinating,
and considered by many to be a social experiment.’

However, last night it all ended. The chaotic symphony of input led Red
to face off against Blue and win. The game ends, the credits roll, and
the people cry tears of joy. A single message came up by the creator,
though: “TwitchPlaysPokémon Will Return Soon.” The chaos was suddenly
stopped as tens of thousands of players waited for the next update.

Suddenly, roughly 6 hours ago at the time of writing, the stream began anew with Pokémon Crystal. The character’s name is AJDNNW, and his starter was simply named Totodile. New memes are appearing at a rapid pace; although our starter was simply named, he is widely known as Lazergator. The player, fascinatingly enough, is now being referred to as AJ Downey. As I am typing these very words, over 82 thousand people are playing!

You can find the Twitch stream above, live text updates here, and other people’s opinions in the comments below! You can totally talk there as well. Really, be my guest.

Our Verdict
Watch live video from TwitchPlaysPokemon on


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