By now, pretty much every person who has ever laid eyes on a Nintendo console, been to their website, purchased a gaming magazine, etc, has heard of Platinum Games’ newest game, The Wonderful 101. The game has a lot of marketing behind it, and it has promised so far to bring a heavy hitter to the Wii U in an attempt to bolster sales and show what the console can do. The game was released yesterday in Europe, today in Japan and Australia, and will be released on September 15th in North America, and the reviews have been coming in as generally favorable, even though Kamiya, the game’s director, feels that the game is being plagued by people not getting used to the controls before making an opinion.

Kamiya has been outspoken during the process of development for the game, spouting out his loves, his fears, and praising the Wii U. Apparently Kamiya is a character in the workplace as well, with the creative staff showing him some love in a unique way. The team put a hidden character in The Wonderful 101 that is based off of Kamiya: Wonder-Director. This was revealed in a recent Iwata Asks between Iwata, President of Nintendo, and The Wonderful 101 development team, consisting of Hitoshi Yamagami (software planning and development), Shingo Matsushita (software planning and development), Atsuni Inaba (producer), and Hideki Kamiya (director) himself. See what was said about Wonder-Director below.

Iwata: It must have been hard to debug, considering the waves of huge changes you made to the game.

Matsushita: That’s true. This may seem like an inside-joke, but there’s a character based on Kamiya-san in the game.

Inaba: That would be Wonder-Director.

Matsushita: When we were debugging at Mario Club, we were really busy as new features would be added on, creating a lot more issues that had to be verified. So everyone was on the edge. And that’s when this Wonder-Director would cause a bug.

Iwata: So this Wonder-Director is one of the hundred heroes?

Matsushita: He’s a bit of a hidden character. If you play it enough, he’ll appear, but he can do something a bit unique, so he was something to watch out for during debug. Physically, he’s very unique looking as well, and his collision detection seems a bit different than other characters.

Inaba: It’s just our creative staff’s way of showing their love for Kamiya.

Along with this tribute to the beloved director of the game, another hidden character was discussed, among other things, during the Iwata Asks session. This character is from a “collaboration” with another mysterious game, which is only mentioned in the Iwata Asks as “that game.” This character has been re-designed to fit into the world of The Wonderful 101, and fans will supposedly get a kick out of him/her.

Iwata: Speaking of characters, can I ask about the collaboration with “that game?”

Inaba: Please do. Kamiya put a lot of love into that.

Kamiya: This game has a lot of fun characters, so I wanted to make it an amazingly different game, and I managed to make it happen.

Iwata: This is a character whose name you can’t yet reveal?

Matsushita: That’s right. Just like with Wonder-Director, if you play enough, that character will appear as a hidden character. And “that character” has been re-designed to match the world of 101. I hope everyone will get a kick out of it.

Iwata: I’m excited to see what that character will look like when translated into the world of this game.

Kamiya: Just like the original, the character will fight with guns, and that other trademark item has been changed into a mask as well. The character will also have its own Unite Morph.

Iwata: Its very own Unite Morph?

Inaba: A lot of work’s been put in, right?

Kamiya: The specs are slightly different too, so it’s a bit of a tricky character.

Iwata: It’s what some would call ‘high specs.’

Matsushita: As you play through the game, you can use attacks where you become larger, and the part where I think you can really see all the thought that went into everything is that just like in the original game, the character won’t fight with guns in that mode but will fight with hand-to-hand combat. All the movements are carefully, carefully made.

Iwata: Those specs are really high-level for a hidden character!

Kamiya: The staff member who created the original movements worked on it. It’s the same motion animator.

This all seems really interesting, and it definitely adds a little extra excitement to the game. Both of these characters sound like a lot of work was put into them, which is good to see considering that they are only extras.

What do you think? Already playing this game? Or are you waiting for its release in your area? Or do you simply not want to play it?

Source: Nintendo

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