The Nintendo 3DS is in its third year of life now, with the 3DS XL (LL in Japan) in its second year, and the recently released 2DS in its first year. These consoles have celebrated much success recently, and Nintendo just loves to rile up collectors by introducing new, special colors or designs every so often. We are currently in the midst of special design season for the 3DS XL, it seems, with the recent release of the Pokémon X and Y themes (for Japan, North America, and Europe), the recent announcement of the Luigi theme (for Europe; its already available in Japan), and the release of the Triforce theme (once again for Europe) coming in the near future. That is not all, though; Nintendo recently unveiled two more special 3DS XL themes for Japan.

The new themes are orange (and black) and turquoise (and black), and they both come as a part of a special bundle. With the 3DS XL will come a 4 GB SD card, a matching carrying pouch, and a charger for the handheld, something that does not normally come with a 3DS XL in Japan. The bundle will cost 19,900 yen, or $204, and will release on November 28th. These new themes look gorgeous, so it will be a difficult choice for those looking to buy a 3DS in Japan come fall.

Sources: Nintendo JP, Engadget

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