Recently, Creative Director of Watch Dogs Jonathan Morin did an Examiner interview in which he talked about the size and scale of Watch Dogs, which launched yesterday. As many gamers will realize, the world is packed full of things to do and places to explore. When designing this, the developers tried to make it as real and dynamic as a city in our world would be.

It’s definitely an original statement. It’s always been what we thought defined a well-executed simulation of a city in real-life, it’s dense, which makes it a pain to build. If you cut a corner to make it easier to build, suddenly you look at it and think, ‘it’s not quite right, it feels wrong.’ — Jonathan Morin

Given the amount of delays this game has experienced, it’s clear that the team is dedicated to creating as authentic an experience as possible. To achieve this, Morin explained that they didn’t want to just create a big world, but a populated and dense world.

In terms of gameplay, we wanted to avoid a tendency that open-world games have — of having an unjustified battle for scale. I think scale is something you put into your game and to serve a purpose and support an idea. It costs money to do that. The more you build, the more you make it big, the more it costs. But if the result of that is going from A to B and having space in between, and that’s it, then it doesn’t really serve a purpose. — Jonathan Morin

I appreciate this point of view, as many games I’ve played try to be big just for the sake of being big. Open world games are great, but it doesn’t fit all genres. In Watch Dogs, it’s not just size but density that sets it apart.

What we wanted was to make sure the density information was valid. You could open-up your profiler, find some stuff around you, and you’d always have something to do around the corner. There’s a lot of real things everywhere in the city. We wanted to fuel that density properly, and at the same time it gave us a very different direction for the game.

The city is quite massive and big, but it hasn’t been built with this idea that it has to become the biggest one. It’s been built with this idea to be maybe the deepest one, and the one that has more every square block, and at the same time feel like there is more dynamism to it. — Jonathan Morin

Have you picked up Watch Dogs yet? Do you intend to? It will hopefully be one of the most memorable and fun games released this year. Do you like Morin’s approach to designing a setting for a game? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Go Nintnedo

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