Earlier this year, Ubisoft hit its 30th anniversary. To mark the impressive feat, the company summoned its “teams, Star Players, and more” for a big celebration in style in Paris, France. Ubisoft has uploaded a video containing highlights from the event and quotes from some of the company’s executive, but it may have revealed something else as well.

At around the 24 second mark, you can see a variety of Rabbids figurines, including Rabbid versions of
Super Mario Bros. characters like Mario, Luigi, and Toad. This is particularly interesting due to the fact that about a week and a half ago we heard a report from a reliable source indicating that Ubisoft and Nintendo are collaborating on a Mario & Rabbids crossover game for Nintendo Switch.

Ubisoft and Nintendo have not commented on the report, but if it’s slated to be a launch title (as the report indicated), we’ll likely hear about it at Nintendo’s upcoming
Nintendo Switch presentation on January 12th.

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