Indie sensation Undertale has finally made its way to Switch, and given how much inspiration it drew from EarthBound, it feels right at home on the Nintendo console. For the most part, Undertale on Switch is the same experience on other platforms, but some players have discovered a rather key dialogue difference that may be pointing to creator Toby Fox’s next game.

In all versions of Undertale, you can encounter a Clam Girl who only appears under certain circumstances. If you find her, she’ll chat your ear off about someone named Suzy, her neighbor’s daughter. Although her name is in yellow text (which indicates important information), we never see Suzy in the game at any point. In the Switch version of the game, things play out a little differently.

Talking to Clam Girl during the game’s epilogue will trigger a sequence in which she states “So you never met my neighbor’s daughter. But please don’t despair. Because the time that you will meet her… is fast approaching.” Upon speaking these words, her sprite turns gray, and she vanishes into thin air. At this time, a sound effect usually associated with Gaster is played, suggesting Suzy could somehow be related.

Who is Suzy, why is she so important, and what does she have to do with the future of Undertale or Toby Fox games in general? Apparently, we’ll find out soon.

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