Nintendo Switch has been a magnet for indie sensations, and one of the biggest in recent memory is headed to the console soon. During the most recent Nintendo Direct we learned that Toby Fox’s Undertale is coming to Nintendo Switch. The initial reveal was extremely vague about the launch window for Undertale, stating only that it’s “Coming… eventually.”

Thankfully, Nintendo’s official listing for the game in Japan is a little more specific. According to the Japanese listing,
Undertale will hit Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. It’s unclear why marketing for the game in the West isn’t specific about a 2018 launch, but it’s hard to imagine an American-developed indie game launching much earlier in Japan than other regions.

Undertale you play as a human child exploring the Underground—the realm of monsters long since banished from the human world. Its a bizarre fairy tale filled with memorable characters and story-altering moral choices. If you’re a Nintendo player who hasn’t yet experienced this adventure, you might find it comparable to the EarthBound franchise. Will you be picking up Undertale on Nintendo Switch?

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