Beware of the man who speaks in hands.” This ominous warning from the River Person previously tipped Undertale players off about an unknown figure who could not be regularly encountered without altering the game’s code. Data mining efforts have revealed this character to be known as “Gaster,” believed to have played a major part in the game’s lore before being cut—or erased—from its story altogether.

As of a recent update, however, Gaster is slowly slipping back into the game’s canon, with two new changes strongly hinting at his existence.

From piecing together additional game data, it is deduced that W.D. Gaster was both King Asgore’s Royal Scientist, preceding Doctor Alphys, and the real creator of the CORE powering the entire Underground. The character also spoke in a special font, true to his implied “wingdings” name and not unlike the skeleton brothers Sans and Papyrus. Gaster unfortunately met a fate worse than death by falling into one of his creations, and his existence was then wiped out of space and time.

Undertale players are not regularly able to meet the character, or his greyed out and similarly erased “followers,” without tampering with the coding. In Gaster’s case, that changed as of the game’s first update.

The room which housed the skeletal apparition believed to be Gaster was not previously regularly accessible. Now, the update allows a door to that room to spawn at random within a specific area in the Waterfall region, without having to poke at the game’s code.

The second change hints at a large connection between the erased Gaster and Sans himself.

The door to the workshop behind Sans and Papyrus’ house is locked via the Silver Key, an item that can only be obtained during a Pacifist Route after encountering Sans in the Last Corridor. Reloading and talking to him repeatedly will bring Sans to grant access to his locked bedroom, which contains the key to the workshop. Besides the antagonistic Flowey the Flower, Sans is the only other character who is very aware of the fallen human’s ability to Save and Reset between timelines.

Interacting with the workshop reveals a badge, a group photo of either unrecognizable people or the entire main cast (if the player has previously completed Undertale with any ending), blueprints written in “strange symbols” implied to be wingdings, and a broken machine that can never be fixed. As of the update, a poorly drawn picture of three undisclosed people was discovered, with one message written on it: “don’t forget.

The update also contains some minor dialogue tweaks and stat alterations, colorblind-friendly blue attacks, and a substantial reward for clearing Waterfall’s piano puzzle – access to a hidden room with a couple of Annoying Dogs.

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Source: Kotaku

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