In accordance with the official announcement of construction starting on Super Nintendo World in Japan, new details are emerging about the upcoming Nintendo-themed amusement parks for Universal Studios Japan, Orlando, and Hollywood. Some recently revealed concept art may point to different franchises and ride ideas that could go into development for the parks in the future.

The first bit of newly posted art shows off more of what the previously rumored
Mario Kart ride could offer. Said to offer more interactivity with guests than most racing-based rides, this attraction will apparently be a staple of all three Universal Studios parks, according to the Twitter user who shared these pictures, @thatsjustgary.

More of the concept art in the tweets shown below reveal what a
Donkey Kong Country-inspired section of the Orlando park could look like in the future. Mario-related characters seem to be getting the initial limelight for the parks, while the revealed art seems to show The Legend of Zelda regulated to a stage show of some kind. As previous video concepts have shown, Peach’s Castle will also be a standout for visitors to be immersed in the Super Nintendo World parks.

Making the real world feel like a video game is no small task, and perhaps that is why Universal and Nintendo seem to be shooting for the moon with these initial concepts. While Mario and friends can very well be expected in the parks, early designs for the Orlando version show off possible sections devoted to the
Super Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and Kirby series. It is also a charming touch that in these plans, the Kirby area is annotated as a kid’s area, which seems to fit just right.

What are your thoughts these ideas for Super Nintendo World? Do you think we will see some or all of them come to fruition? And when do you think the park will open in the United States after it launches in 2020 in Japan? Let us know what you think, and share the excitement down in the comments below!

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