Rayman has had a revival in recent years, but Ubisoft actually planned to give the series a fresh start many years ago. A game under the working title of Rayman 4 was known to be in development for GameCube, and the team at Unseen64 has uncovered lots of details about the project.

The game was planned to have a surprisingly surreal and meta story, with the player starting in a video game training camp. All of the characters encountered in the game are aware that they are characters in a video game and that they are being controlled, and their actions serve as a reflection of the people in the real world that are controlling them.

This new take on
Rayman was planned as a reboot of the series, and many of its levels were planned to be 3D re-imaginings of classic levels from the first two games. No primary antagonist had been planned before the game’s cancellation, but Dark Rayman was planned to be in the game as an out-of-control glitch that has taken Rayman’s form. You can check out Unseen64’s full breakdown of the details in the video above!

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