1. I just need a new Left 4 Dead.
    Since Valve struggles to count to 3, just call it Left 4 Dead Again or some dumb title, I don’t care. I just need a new one that hasn’t had its multiplayer ruined by people modding the game.

  2. We all going die after Half Life 3 will come…

  3. No please dont want a vr exclusive game until they fully TRY to make real games. Not make half games that aren’t as good as regular games and only last 30 minutes

  4. They release this, then they release Half-Life 4 two years later. Entirely skipping the number 3.

  5. Half Life’s half baked plot structure essentially made the entire series an anticlimax.
    Don’t see why anyone wants a Half Life 3 when the series is constantly writing itself into corners

  6. At this point of death and resurrection of this concept, I won’t believe it until I see a NON-deepfaked Gabe Newell stand at a podium and hold up three fingers and tell me that it’s happening.

  7. ” but it’s a VR game ”
    As in it was a bad thing

  8. Valve can’t count to 3

    15 years later

    Half Life 2 NPC Blink update.

    Half Life 2 VR.

  9. Dude it’s gonna be great when you see the giant number 3 and it turns out to be half life 2 episode 3.

  10. Oh, they make that but not half life 3? Lol

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