Super Smash Bros. Melee was featured at EVO 2013 this year. After fans raised $95,000 for the game to be featured at the convention, Nintendo’s legal department pulled a less-than cool move when they refused to give the permission for the Melee tournament to be streamed online. They aimed to remove Melee from EVO all together! However, Nintendo eventually did backtrack on the decision. Now EVO 2013 is over, and a champion has been declared. Who came out on top? Mango or Wobbles? Watch the video to find out.

I’ve never noticed the true depth of Melee until EVO 2013. The elegance of the Ice Climbers and Fox dodging every attack, the quick edge-guarding, the use of air dodges. These professional players chain together all the right moves, leaving me in awe.

Just watch the Grand Finale. Let’s hope Melee comes back to EVO next year.

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