We are very grateful.


  1. Oh man, I don’t think I’d be a Bulbaboi if we got the beta design.

  2. Wait I kinda fucking love beta Ivysaur

  3. Thank you for my baby ♡

  4. Also gave haunter a thumb which was never seen after gen 1 😭

  5. The main reason she doesn’t get as much atention as member of the programation staff like Morimoto or the composer like masuda despite of being one of the main designer is because she’s shy af. Last Time they do an interview she hide behind a Pikachu (also one of their desing) doll all the time. Here you can see her with Ken sugimoto and Koji Nishido.

  6. Thank god for her cause that thing is hideous lol

  7. the beta one actually looks better lmao

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