Welcome to
Gamnesia’s official launch! What is Gamnesia, you ask? Simply put, it is an all
new video game news, editorial, review, and
whatever-other-shenanigans-we-want-to-do website that now takes the place of
all extra non-Zelda coverage at
Zelda Informer. In many ways, it’s a spiritual successor to Zelda Informer, but
never fear because ZI isn’t going anywhere. Instead, ZI will be returning to
bringing you the latest and greatest in Zelda news, editorials, and
walkthroughs. Meanwhile, Gamnesia will be it’s own gaming hub for discussing
games with the rest of the world.

we will be promoting Gamnesia a lot around Zelda Informer, but let’s not get
into those semantics. Instead, let’s talk about what’s new for you, the fans.
For starters, Zelda Informer has a slightly revamped layout. This puts all the
emphasis back on Zelda and
away from things that, really, many Zelda fans
may not care about. In terms of both sites, they have been recoded from the
ground up. This means much faster loading times and and a better priority, so
even if the site lags out the content itself will still be loaded.

In addition
to all that lovely goodness, there is now a tag system in place. So outside of
organizing things on the site by categories, we can tag additional things that
aren’t worth their own section. This will automatically populate at a specific
tag URL for your convenience, meaning that you can click on the tags within a news post and
favorite your preferred ones, such as one for the eShop. This new system also includes a
gallery option for screenshot related posts, which you can see down below. We also included an advanced search feature you can access at the bottom of each site, which allows you to further customize your searches and get even more accurate results!

thing many of you noticed right away I am sure is the all new automated
featured area ( which is not live at the time of this post, but will be by the end of the day). The best part about this on Gamnesia is the featured area will
vary depending on what section of the site you view. If you are in the Wii U
area it will have the latest Wii U stuff featured, but the Xbox area will have
a different featured set entirely, essentially making each section of the site
it’s own hub for that console/system. This way you can avoid all the index
posts if you don’t care too much for it and focus in on the platforms you do
care about.

There are
lots of little neat things here and there as well, but what will be really
exciting is that sometime in the next 70 days, we will be launching a brand new and
completely robust user system. The system, as it stands, will feature site
registration that also allows you to post comments on the site as a registered
user, a full user profile, user blogs and reviews, and possibly even a wiki for
all to enjoy. Of course this only scratches the surface of future plans and
ideas we will be bringing to you all.

There was
also a massive overhaul on the back-end, but that’s for us to worry about. We
sincerely hope you enjoy our new site with increased coverage and appreciate
everything we have added to Zelda Informer as well.

Our Verdict

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc
I am the current Editor-in-Chief of Zelda Informer and have been running the show here since July 16th, 2008. I've actually been running Zelda Fan sites since 1998, so I've been in this "industry" for roughly 16 years. I'm 28 years old and have two kids, one biological, the other more of a step daughter (not legally yet, but practically). I live with my girlfriend and our two kids (Aiden, age 1 and half, Melody age 3 and half). I'm attending college to create video games web applications, and I naturally love Nintendo (I run a Zeld a website after all!). For those curious, I currently own a Wii U, Xbox One, 3DS, PlayStation 3, and a gaming PC (and a gaming capable laptop too!). I do plan to eventually get a PlayStation 4, likely when more comes out I am interested in playing on the system. I do play the Wii U more than any other system I own.


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