When you give a mouse a cookie.


  1. Only if he is voiced by Arin from the Game Grumps

  2. Pretty sure the Sonic redesign was the actual final design and all the free press about the bad sonic was to just get the word about the movie out there and now that we think they listen to the fans everybody loves them seems like a marketing ploy.

  3. No one is asking for that. No one ever would. He sucks.

  4. Can we just see how the first one goes? If it goes well, make a sequel with the rest of the team

  5. Does your movie have a fishing minigame? If yes, it’s game of the year. If no, It’s shit!

  6. No one has asked for that.

  7. Where’s tails and knuckles?

  8. To be honest the first one worked with what they were doing at the time

  9. Nah… give us Ugandan knuckles

  10. This is literally the first movie about Sonic how bout we let him have it then drag in the other characters?

  11. I think most people in the comments missed the joke.

  12. Not surprised, people will take advantage of anything if given the chance

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