Both of ThatGameCompany’s earlier projects, Flower and Flow, made their way from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 around the time of the latter console’s release, but the indie studio’s massively acclaimed 2012 hit Journey still has yet to make the (dare I say it) “journey” to the eighth console generation. If you’re hoping for that to change, then I’m right there with you (preferably with cross-buy, thank you), but according to ThatGameCompany, the decision is entirely in Sony’s hands.

When asked about the prospect of a “re-release of Journey on Ps4” on Twitter, ThatGameCompany responded, “It’s a possibility, but it’s all up to Sony. They own the game and all associated assets.”

Personally, I think Journey being ported the PlayStation 4 is pretty likely. Disregarding the potential tease from Nathan Gary months back, both of ThatGameCompany’s other titles have already been ported over, and as far as I know Journey‘s by far the most widely renowned of the three, not to mention the newest. Plus, Sony seems to really enjoy buffing their indie library. The way I see it, porting Journey to PlayStation 4 just makes sense.

What do you think? Will we be seeing Journey on Sony’s eighth gen console?

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Barry Herbers
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