1. And Sephiroth is Doom Eternal

  2. Definitely both!

  3. Shouldn’t it be the question, ff7 first class edition or cyperpunk collectors edition?

    I’m getting the first class btw 😁😁

  4. Who said I wanted to buy FF7?

  5. I’ll just take uh Tifa here, thanks.

  6. If I had to choose, Cyberpunk, easily.

  7. Pre ordered cyberpunk’s collector. I’m hurt

  8. I don’t see Death Standing anywhere 😅

  9. FF7 remake
    Persona 5 Royal
    Xenoblade Definitive Edition

  10. Cyberpunk 2077 obviously beaten FF7 multiple times, been out for 20 years, “FF7 Remake” refers to a remake of the prologue, etc…

  11. The correct answer is:


  12. If you dont realize just how bad cyberpunk is going to be, you’re not paying attention. Every few weeks another element of the game is cheapened/downgraded and another promise broken

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