1. Mikayla Cromwell
    This made me think of when we used to cover that area on that one track full of bananas 😂

  2. Only a rookie forgets where he lays his bananas

  3. Linda Marrison me playing mario kart

  4. It you but I’m also a victim of this on occasions haha

  5. William Crouch Jonathan Manuel Collison Forrest Harper 💀 done with this one

  6. Kenny Li the memes I live for

  7. Mathieu Thibodeau battle mode😂

  8. The key, if you know youre going to throw a banana, is to put it on a turn slightly less tightly than you normallly take it. The cpus take the turns like dweebs.
    Plus, if you place it in the path you normally follow, of COURSE you’ll hit it on the next lap.

  9. Marie Donelson me everytine

  10. Jesse Schell you’re not as trash as me but I’m sure you feel this somehow haha

  11. Alicyn Horvath
    Im fucking dying

  12. Alexandre Davilmar-Athis Eric Robert i can relate

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