The Wii’s life cycle is finally over. The great era of motion controls is coming to close, and after a statement that the console will no longer be available in Japan, a Nintendo representative has confirmed to MCV UK that the Wii will not be available for sale in Europe, aside from the Wii Mini and second-hand.

imports to Europe have been discontinued. However, there are still a variety of
options for consumers to enjoy Wii games and the Wii gameplay experience. Wii
U, which is Nintendo’s latest home console, is backwards compatible with nearly
all existing Wii games and accessories, so you can enjoy a vast library of
disc-based and downloadable Wii games and Wii gameplay experiences when you
switch to Wii Mode on Wii U. Wii Mini is also now available across Europe
offering Wii gameplay experiences at a great value. Wii Mini puts the focus
squarely on games with over 1200 existing disc-based Wii titles to choose from.” — Nintendo

It’s a bit sad to see the console on its last leg, but maybe now retailers will stop confusing it with its successor.

Source: MCV UK

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