The Nintendo 2DS won’t be the only new piece of hardware
from the company available in time for the holiday season; Nintendo has
announced that the Wii Mini will be released in the US later this month.

The Wii Mini, originally launched in Canada last year, will
be available for $99.99 on November 17th. It will come bundled with Mario Kart Wii, one of the console’s
most popular games.

The smaller version differs from the Wii in that it has no
internet capabilities and is not backwards compatible with Nintendo GameCube
games. The Wii Mini also does not have an SD card slot; all of these are reasons for the
low price, according to Nintendo.

This news comes as Nintendo has stopped production of the
original Wii in Japan, and while the Wii U continues to struggle for success.

So what do you think of the Wii Mini? Let us know in the

Source: Nintendo

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