If you still have a craving to play a Call of Duty game online on the Wii, you’re in luck, as the Wii servers for the game were never shut down. A little over a year ago, Nintendo closed all of the servers used for online play on the Wii and the DS. But, in an odd exception, the Call of Duty games managed to stay online because they are hosted on the still-active Activision servers. The only exception to the online Call of Duty games on Wii is Call of Duty: World at War, since World at War was hosted on the now-closed GameSpy servers. Oddly enough, the player base for the games are massive, as players are continuing to find full lobbies when they try to join a game.

This information came to light when Activision performed maintenance on the servers, and a boot error occurred that sent a high level Modern Warfare 3 player back to rank 1. While some do suspect a real error occurred, some are saying that his account has been hacked.

Source: Gameranx

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