In the past few months, Nintendo has been supporting its eShop by not only offering a plethora of classic games on the virtual console, but also by releasing digital copies of their new games. In some cases, the eShop even got preferential treatment, like releasing the digital copy of The Wind Waker HD a full two weeks before it came to retail. It has recently been announced, however, that despite this support, Nintendo will not be releasing Wii Party U on the eShop.

Wii Party U can be purchased in stores in North America on October 25. The confirmation for providing only physical copies of the game applies to Canada, but it would appear as though it applies to the rest of North America, as well. In the Club Nintendo survey, the only “Intend to Buy” option is for the physical copy.

The bundle itself will be $50.00 at retail and comes with a Wii Remote Plus. It could be possible that Nintendo will eventually release this title on the eShop, but for now, it looks like gamers will have to venture out to stores to acquire it. Would you rather own this game in its physical form or from the eShop? Do you like that it’s being bundled with a Wii Remote Plus, or do you have too many Wii Remotes already? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo World Report

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