The Wii U has seen its best week of sales since the week of Christmas last year. Last week, the Wii U moved 187,000+ units of hardware with over a million units of Mario Kart 8. While neither number took over the #1 spot, Mario Kart 8 wasn’t the only high profile release last week, as Watch Dogs also came out in the same week. This helped with the PlayStation 4 showing a 64% increase in sales week on week, which helped it edge out the Wii U – which saw an impressive 486% increase in sales. Mario Kart 8 grabbed the #2 spot in software sales, falling behind the PlayStation 4 version of Watch Dogs.

Platform   N. America   Europe   Japan   Global
PS4 99,166 76,845 6,589 201,630
WiiU 86,003 65,991 19,098 187,028
3DS 21,025 26,574 24,002 78,397
XOne 35,208 12,270 N/A 52,180
PS3 8,643 16,007 6,954 39,869
PSV 2,404 7,001 13,136 27,487
X360 15,730 8,610 181 26,078
PSP 701 5,782 1,342 11,003
Wii 3,605 3,250 109 7,681
1 PS4 Watch Dogs 1,856,387
2 WiiU Mario Kart 8 1,122,658
3 XOne  Watch Dogs 898,780
4 X360 Watch Dogs 457,620
5 PS3 Watch Dogs 427,117
6 PS3 Minecraft 144,265
7 PC Watch Dogs 109,037
8 PS4 Wolfenstein: The New Order 91,068
9 PS3 Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link    81,675
10  X360 Minecraft 60,499

Overall, it was a really strong week of sales for the video game industry. What do you think?

Source: VGChartz

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