Remember the Wii U Virtual Console? You know, that thing we’ve been hearing so much about? Well, it’s finally gone live in North America! After months of waiting since the Wii U’s launch, Nintendo has finally released the Wii U’s Virtual Console, tailing yesterday’s system update. That’s right, everybody, on your newly-updated Wii U, you can now access your favorite NES and SNES games. Well, six of them, anyway:

  • Balloon Fight (NES)*
  • Punch-Out!! (NES)*
  • Kirby’s Adventure (NES)*
  • Excitebike (NES)
  • Donkey Kong Jr. (NES)
  • Ice Climber (NES)
  • F-Zero (SNES)*
  • Super Mario World (SNES)

* indicates titles that were at one time available as part of Nintendo’s 30-30-30 promotion.

This is the launch lineup of the Wii U Virtual Console, and though it may look a little slim, we can always hope Nintendo intends to jam the service full of all the top-quality games the Wii’s Virtual Console currently enjoys. Of the games above, NES titles cost $4.99 — $1.00 if you own the Wii’s version — and SNES games cost $7.99 — $1.50 if you own the Wii Version.

What are you waiting for? Boot the console up and go check out these classic hit games!

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Colin McIsaac
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