The Dolphin Emulator — a free and open-source emulator of Nintendo GameCube, Wii, and Triforce — now natively supports Wii U’s GameCube Controller Adapter. This means that Dolphin will now automatically detect the adapter once setup is complete. So, what’s the plus side of all this you ask? Well, auto detection for the GameCube Controller Adapter means players can now experience 1:1 joystick input, eliminating dead zones and skewed L/R trigger controls. Now everything functions as if it were being played on an actual console, which is awesome!

Update: For anyone who clicked the source to the original story and was frustrated by the incorrect link, I apologize. It was a copy/paste error on my part while writing the story last night. It was completely unintentional and does not reflect the aim of Gamnesia as a site. Again, I’m sorry for upsetting anyone who followed the source link. It has been updated with the correct link to Dolphin’s blog.

Source: Dolphin (Blog)

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