Telltale graced us back in 2013 with its stylized version of Bill Wilingham’s Fables, entitled The Wolf Among Us. The story follows Sheriff Bigby Wolf and his quest to keep the peace among the fairy tale folk of Fabletown. When a murder takes place in Fabletown, it’s up to Bigby and his partner Snow White to set things right.

With Telltale’s beautiful graphics and amazing story telling, it left fans of the game wanting more, and in July 2017, Telltale did indeed announce The Wolf Among Us Season 2, set with a release date later this year. However, with recent changes in the company and the layoff of 25% of employees last year, Telltale announced today that Season 2 is being pushed back to 2019.

Telltale says they would like to explore new ways to tell their stories, while allowing them to experiment and craft something special. The extra few months provided by the delay will allow them to put forth their best work, and they are very pleased with how development is going so far.

Source: Telltale

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