Bethesda has shown a surprising amount of support for Nintendo Switch early on, porting major titles like Skyrim and DOOM to the hybrid console. The next Bethesda property set to launch on Switch is Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Switch doesn’t have as powerful of hardware as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, so how does the shooter hold up on Nintendo’s console?

As with DOOM, the Switch port of Wolfenstein II will be handled by Panic Button. Developer MachineGames has confirmed that it will be the same team working on the port as before, as they are “experts” both when it comes to Nintendo Switch and the id Tech 6 game engine. So how did their latest effort turn out?

GameXplain went hands-on with the Switch port and recorded around 14 minutes of footage. The Switch port has yet to undergo a deep technical analysis, but based on 14 minutes of off-screen footage, it looks to be a solid port. You can check out the footage and judge for yourself by clicking above!

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