If you haven’t been keeping up with our avalanche of Hyrule Warriors coverage (can you tell some of our staff is excited for this game?), it’s a crossover title that takes the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors and fuses it with the world and characters of Zelda to create a fun new twist described as a “celebration of Zelda‘s history.”

In addition to being a fun new take on the series to ease the wait for the next main series Zelda game, Hyrule Warriors may also play a role in the future direction of the series. According to series producer Eiji Aonuma, Hyrule Warriors has opened up his eyes to deeper gameplay ideas and more possibilities.

Speaking with Giant Bomb, Aonuma talked about the battlefield environment of Hyrule Warriors and how it has opened up new possibilities for the next Zelda game, which is said to be set in a vast, open world.

“You have this map and there are battle areas all across this expansive battlefield [in Hyrule Warriors]. Things are happening, regardless of whether or not you’re in this particular space. How you approach reclaiming these different areas on the map really changes how you progress through the game. So it’s really, really dynamic, it’s really, really expansive. It also increases replay value because if you change your strategy, your process will also change. Having worked on a game that has this kind of expansive battlefield style has really opened my eyes to new discoveries, and my thought and approach to gameplay has really deepened. I see many, many possibilities now that I’ve worked on this project with Tecmo Koei.” — Eiji Aonuma

Aonuma specifically mentions the fact that your actions and your strategy in Hyrule Warriors can change how the game progresses. Could we see something like that in the next Zelda?

Source: Giant Bomb

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