The cat has gotten out of the bag on numerous occasions for the next generation of consoles. Remember when the Cafe leaks were across the web before E3 2011, and the GamePad was an accurate rumor? Now the same thing is happening with the next Xbox and PlayStation. SuperDaE recently gave dozens of pages of leaked information on the so-called “Durango,” or Microsoft’s next console. This information included mandatory Kinect, the ability to launch more than one app at a time, and always-active online connectivity (Shameless Plug: to catch up on these leaks just click right here). Well it turns out SuperDaE has been raided by the police.

That’s right. Microsoft finally put their league of ninjas in action. We thought they were crazy for hiring assassins, but Mr. Gates isn’t afraid to utilize his trained killers.

Check out his Twitter account right here. Apparently. seven or eight police officers arrived at Dan’s house with an FBI agent in tow. His phone was taken from him, and the newest tweets have been sent from an Apple store. Bank cards were also confiscated from the leaker.

Now I say the man deserved this. He signed a contract and he didn’t obey it. He needs to live up to the responsibility he failed and take the punishment. However, that does not change the leaks in the slightest.

Numerous sources have aligned perfectly with SuperDaE’s claims. The information he’s giving us seems completely realistic and it makes sense. The fact that SuperDaE was actually confronted by the law only reinforces my trust in the leaks. If Microsoft took the steps to punish this man, that means the leaks impacted the company. This means that a large amount, if not all of the information given, is accurate. Microsoft doesn’t go after every fanboy with a speculation on the internet after all.

With the imminent PS4 announcement coming tomorrow “future of PlayStation” conference coming tomorrow, the next generation seems closer than ever. It is very likely that Microsoft will be the last of the big three to show their cards come tomorrow night.

Here’s to a bright future of gaming.

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