Remedy Entertainment’s Creative Director Sam Lake and actor Shawn Ashmore sat down with Xbox Daily to talk characters, time travel, and broken timelines in the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break. Not only did the face of Max Payne speak about the heights the game is trying to reach, but he also goes into detail about the television component that Quantum Break has to offer.

Lake assures that Quantum Break is most definitely a Remedy game, which focuses on being a cinematic, story-driven action experience like many of Remedy’s other titles. When time is frozen, everyone and everything stops. What’s unique to Quantum Break is that the player can interact with the world when it is stopped, and by doing so, can cause time paradoxes to occur without warning, essentially creating broken timelines. Ashmore plays the hero, not-so-hero Jack Joyce who has “time powers” and can use them to fight villains that have harnessed a certain “chrono technology” that allows them to function when time is frozen.

Ashmore wanted to bring his background of being a film actor into the world of being a motion capture game actor. This is where the TV component adds another perspective to the entire story of Quantum Break. As the player, you will make a specific choice in the game, which will unlock an episode of the television show that resembles a 22 minute, commercial-free network television show experience. These episodes are all based on the decisions you make in the game, but they will have different outcomes because the show will follow the enemy camp, while the game follows the heroes. Check out the video for more on Quantum Break, which releases on April 5, 2016.

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