Phil Spencer, current head of Xbox, recently praised Nintendo’s collection of high-quality IP in an interview with Eurogamer. Citing the Wii U’s quality exclusives and the system’s relative lack of success, the publication asked Spencer for his thoughts on the actual importance of exclusive games in selling hardware.

In his response, Spencer reiterated that he owns a Wii U himself, and that there are many great tiles on the console. He went on to add that he looks to Nintendo as a “beacon” of quality IP with a strength unmatched by any other first-party developer.

“On the Wii U, I think people downplay how many units they’ve sold. I’ve got a Wii U, I think there’s some great games on there. I think Splatoon’s a really nice game and I don’t think there’s a first-party out there that has the strength of IP that Nintendo has. They’re always a beacon to me when I look at what it means to build a first-party portfolio of products, they’ve done a great job.” — Phil Spencer

Source: Eurogamer

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