Microsoft hosted their arguably most important event in recent years yesterday. The event was held to showcase what Windows 10 is all about. During the event, head of Xbox Phil Spencer took the stage and announced that Windows 10 would introduce the Xbox app to every PC and tablet running the operating system. Spencer went on to explain how Windows 10 will be integrated with basic Xbox One features. The next direction Microsoft seems to be heading in is best explained by Spencer: “Gaming has become a much more social activity. Gaming is personal.”

The new features coming will allow users to access their Xbox Activity Feed from any desktop, laptop, or tablet. The Xbox app will also be able to display a user’s Xbox and Steam games alongside each other. A new game DVR, similar to the one introduced by Xbox One, will let users capture and edit footage on their Windows 10 devices. It was also announced that DirectX 12 will now be the graphics subsystem. It will make the overall experience smoother and will cut power consumption in half.

Windows 10 will also introduce cross-platform play with Xbox One. Spencer displayed this feature by playing Fable Legends on a PC running Windows 10 as a representative from Lionhead Studios played the game along with him from an Xbox One. Xbox One games will also be able to be streamed to any Windows 10 PC. Spencer played Forza Horizon 2 on a Surface Pro 3 and then brought up the Xbox One’s user interface on the device to display how the new feature operates. The demonstration is best summed up in Spencer’s words again: “While Xbox is coming to Windows, Windows 10 is also coming to Xbox One.”

How do you feel about the new features coming to Xbox? Do you like the new direction and focus on social aspects of gaming? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Engadget

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