In a recent interview in the 8-4 Play podcast, Sean Velasco and David D’Angelo from Yacht Club Games discussed the decision to publish Shovel Knight using Kickstarter, as well as other topics. During the discussion, they mentioned that they were working on another project before Shovel Knight; according to the developers, this original project was intended to be a platformer for iOS. However, they ran into problems developing a game for a platform with no physical buttons, and the team wanted to work on a more traditional “Nintendo” game; this led to the development of Shovel Knight.

Although the development team eventually shelved the mobile title to work on Shovel Knight, the original project still had an impact on the studio. According to Velasco and D’Angelo, the Yacht Club Games jingle came from a song created for the mobile title; as such, even though Shovel Knight receives all of the praise, the studio has not forgotten this first effort.

Source: 8-4 Play (0:44:42-0:46:58)

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