Yacht Club Games is working on a ton of free DLC for their incredibly popular game, Shovel Knight. This includes two new campaigns for Specter Knight and King Knight, which will come with their own feats and challenges, a Battle Mode, and a Body Swap Mode. Battle Mode is a single-screen multiplayer experience that is currently not being planned to release on handheld systems. Each of these modes will release alongside one of the new campaigns.

However, while Yacht Club is working on both campaigns simultaneously, they have confirmed that the Specter Knight and King Knight stories will not release at the same time. Specter Knight’s campaign will be releasing before King Knight’s.

Speaking of Specter Knight, Yacht Club Games updated their official website, showing off new moves from the upcoming playable character. This includes a slash move, which will be Specter Knight’s basic attack, wall climbing, and the Dash Slash, which is important for mobility and combat. The Dash Slash also allows Specter Knight to get up to new heights that would otherwise be unreachable. It’s also useful for unleashing a devastating flurry of attacks. This move combined with wall-climbing will make Specter Knight an extremely mobile character.

Yacht Club explained that working on two stories at the same time is beneficial because it allows the studio to plan content, such as new gameplay mechanics, level progression, and how the story weaves together for Shovel Knight, more cohesively. When the studio is about to finish work on one of the campaigns, they will put all of their efforts into polishing it for release and will then move on to finishing the next one.

The development studio reassured fans that these new updates “should arrive sooner than the wait between Shovel Knight and Plague Knight,” and that they’ll probably “go overboard” like they did with the Plague Knight DLC. All of the upcoming content for Shovel Knight will be available for free.

What do you guys think of the upcoming DLC? Are you excited to get more content from Yacht Club Games? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Yacht Club Games

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