1. Pretty sure The Forest had one that was like, Hunting is how you get food or something to that effect.

  2. The witcher 3 ones saved my life a couple times. Like..

    “All created potions and bombs come back if you meditate”

    I was hording all the special potions you make out of monster mutagens and was scared they go away after one use. Who knew alchohol could bring back your entire stock?! Lol

  3. Kyle Boettcher this makes sense… 🤔

  4. Nazmus Sakib doors stay closed until opened

  5. Vanessa Clarke, this is a very handy tip.. I was thinking of not hitting them

  6. René Marie Olliviérra the most irrelevant shit

  7. “If ur Magazine is empty, u should reload ur weapon”

  8. Valentinez Pierre Ivannovinci III mood

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