A few weeks ago, Yogurtland, an international chain of self-serve frozen yogurt shops, announced that it would be partnering with Nintendo this summer to sell a series of Mario-themed yogurt flavors. The company has now revealed all ten flavors and the dates that they will become available. Each flavor is named after a character from the Super Mario series, with names like “Luigi’s White Chocolate Pistachio” and “Donkey Kong Banana Cream,” and they’ll all be released at different times between July 1st and August 26th. The first two flavors, “Mario’s Chocolate Gelato” and “Bowser’s Dragon Berry Tart,” were released last week and can already be purchased from certain Yogurtland stores.

The gallery below contains promotional images for each of the flavors that were revealed. “Luigi’s White Chocolate Pistachio” will be the last yogurt flavor to become available, as it won’t be released until August 26th. These yogurt flavors won’t be an option at every Yogurtland locale worldwide; to find out where your favorite yogurt will be available, you can go here and click on the “Find Flavors” button to find stores near your hometown that sell it. This promotion will end on September 8th for all flavors.

  • Mario’s Chocolate Gelato: July 1
  • Bowser’s Dragon Berry Tart: July 1
  • Toad’s Rocky Road: July 8
  • Yoshi’s Honeydew: July 15
  • Goomba’s Ice Coffee: July 22
  • Princess Peach Tart: July 29
  • Donkey Kong Banana Cream: August 5
  • Shy Guy’s Pineapple Lime Coconut Sorbet: August 12
  • Koopa Troopa’s Lemon Cupcake: August 19
  • Luigi’s White Chocolate Pistachio: August 26

As a part of this promotion, Yogurtland will also host a sweepstakes lottery, where the winner will be given a free Wii U console and an entire year of free frozen yogurt. You can sign up here to take part in the lottery. Several secondary prizes, including games for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, a free Nintendo 3DS bundle with a game of your choice, and unlimited cups at Yogurtland stores will be granted as well.

What do you guys think? Have you ever eaten frozen yogurt from Yogurtland, and will you try any of the flavors under the promotion? Which is your favorite flavor? Personally, I’d definitely want to try “Bowser’s Dragon Berry Tart” and “Donkey Kong Banana Cream.”

Source: Yogurtland (via GameSpot)

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