Whether you’ve been holding off on getting a Nintendo Switch Online account or you already have one and can see that expiration date drawing closer, we’ve got some good news. Nintendo and Twitch have just partnered up for a deal that gives away a year of Nintendo Switch Online to Twitch Prime subscribers.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as clicking a button and getting your year of free online Switch play. Currently, you can head over to the promotion’s page and claim the first three months free. You must then wait another 60 days (and stay a Prime subscriber throughout), and then you can come back and claim the other 9 months.

You have until September 22nd to nab those first three free months. After doing so (and waiting 60 days) you can then claim the remaining nine months any time until January 22, 2020, when the deal expires. This deal is only good for an individual Nintendo Switch Online account, so Family accounts (which allow up to 8 accounts under one subscription) are a no-go.

Source: Twitch Prime

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