Have you ever wished that you could combine Halo and Pokémon somehow? Well, Forge creator Captaindirewolf has your back. Poke’Battle is a forge map created with the intention of bringing the iconic pocket monster battles to Halo 5. The stage begins by having two players stand on opposing platforms, each with three buttons: a red one, blue one, and green one. The three buttons correspond to Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur respectively. Once a player has picked their Pokémon, the battle begins. Whoever picked the opposing side’s weakness is granted a weapon that they can use to kill the other player in order to snag the win. If both sides pick the same Pokémon, then both sides receive weapons to see who can kill the other first.

The fun does not stop with just the three Kanto starters, however. Outside of the main battle, the map is littered with additional Pokémon to discover including Dugtrio, Pikachu, and even a Magikarp. Check out the video showcase above, courtesy of

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