Skyrim is one of the most popular games of all time, and that’s evident from the way Bethesda has (quite successfully) released it time and time again on new platforms. With a new version of Skyrim seemingly coming out every year, Bethesda decided to play up the joke by making a playable version of the game for Alexa. However, by doing so, they unwittingly ported the game to the most bizarre platform yet: the toilet.

Kohler, a manufacturer best known for their plumbing products, recently launched a fancy smart toilet with more features than any bathroom-goer could possibly need. The Numi toilet also happens to be compatible with Alexa. As such, it’s now possible to play the Alexa version of Skyrim on a $6,000 toilet. Or, you know, you could just use your phone.

Source: Reddit

Ben Lamoreux


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