Despite being only a couple of years old, Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight has one of the most recognizable and impressive soundtracks in recent video games. From the iconic “Strike The Earth!” to the swelling main theme, fans of the game relish and praise Jake Kaufman’s veritable master works. For the first time ever, fans will finally be able to own their own physical copy, either on CD or Vinyl.

According to its custom Band Camp page, the album is expected to ship on November 15th. There is no similar date for the LP edition, but it will likely launch around the same time.

In addition, the soundtrack will include commentaries from both Kaufman and his co-composer, Manami Matsumae (Mega Man 10, Dragon Quest Swords). The soundtrack will also feature cover art done by Hitoshi Ariga, who you may know as the designer of recent Pokémon such as Malamar and Aegislash.

You can preorder the CD here for $18 or the LP here for 32 euros, which roughly equates to about $35 (it can be shipped to the United States, as well).

Source: IGN

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