I’ve got some distressing news for all of you Amiibo hunters out there. Retailer-exclusive Amiibo are typically a pain to come by, and it’s even worse when you can only get those retailer exclusives in a three-pack. However, we now have news on what may become the hardest Amiibo to snag: the 8-bit Modern Mario.

On the official page you can read all about the special, 30th anniversary Amiibo, but below the description there’s also a line of subtext that says this:

“Exclusively available in the Super Mario Maker Deluxe Set at launch.”

This means that the only way to come by a brand new version of the Amiibo is to purchase an entire Super Mario Maker console bundle.

By making it exclusive to the bundle, Nintendo has essentially made this a $300 Amiibo that you can only get if you’re willing to purchase a system you may already have. Then again, you could always wait for the scalpers to start selling them for even more outrageous prices. The choice is yours.

What are your thoughts on this? Is this a good way to try and bring in new buyers, or is it just another headache for Amiibo hunters? Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section below!

Source: Nintendo.com

Our Verdict

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