Master0fHyrule, a YouTuber that reviews mods and glitches in Nintendo games, recently posted a video about a custom mod by CaliKingz01 and Leon Exodio that lets you play as Goku from Dragon Ball Z. The mod is available for either Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Project M, and it is one of the most impressive mods I have personally ever seen. Goku’s movements are fluid and faithful to the show, and his moveset is massive and entirely unique to his character.

You can check it out above!

Goku’s moveset in the mod is based on his fighting style from the show Dragon Ball Z. Though he has a wide array of moves, the most notable are his Final Smash (a Spirit Bomb, or alternatively the iconic Kame Hame Ha), his Neutral Special (a regular Ki blast), and his Down Special (the ability to focus his Ki to go Super Saiyan). The character is fully voiced with sound clips from the original show to fit every situation. In addition to Goku’s character, the mod includes a stage based on the World Martial Arts Tournament fighting arena from Dragon Ball.

The mod can be downloaded here, and it works with Brawl and Project M. It was created by CaliKingz01 and Leon Exodio, who have previously made Smash mods for Bomberman and Shadow, among many others.

What do you guys think? Personally, I think this is incredible. As the world’s biggest Dragon Ball Z fan, I love the way this mod looks, and I think the way they handled Goku’s moveset is very faithful to the original show. I have a lot of respect for the mod’s creators, and I will be downloading and installing it to try it out for myself soon.

What about you? Do you like how this mod looks? Are you a big Dragon Ball Z fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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