You Can Play Game Boy in Full HD on Your TV With this New Device


Do you have an old Game Boy lying around? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. Enter the hdmyboy, a Game Boy mod designed by a pair of Dutch brothers that will allow you to bring your favorite handheld classics to the modern era. Seeking funding on Kickstarter, the hdmyboy team has developed a system that allows you to play in true HD; graphics are not upscaled but rather redrawn pixel by pixel in either 1080p or 720p.

The envisioned product is essentially an easy-to-install modding kit that will convert your Game Boy into something akin to a portable home console. Its components will include an add-on module for your Game Boy that allows you to connect to your TV through an HDMI cable and a 10-foot controller styled after the classic NES gamepad. The device also provides for additional options, including display choices for both the original Game Boy aspect ratio or a widened format and a selection of 32 color palettes for the outputted graphics.

hdmyboy is looking for a total of €65,000 in pledges on Kickstarter.

Source: Kickstarter

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