It’s always cool to see two game franchises collide, but the fact that this experience was made in Minecraft without mods is straight up impressive. Called Pokémon: Cobalt and Amethyst, the map has been in development for over a year and features a new story, battles, and over 136 new Pokémon. Anyone can play the map using regular vanilla Minecraft, and while it’s only available in single-player, the developers promise a 60 to 80 hour experience once the map has been completed.

You’ll be able to explore a whole new region, fight a new enemy, and use your Pokémon to battle against other original and classic Pokémon. And while there is always concern that Nintendo will file a DMCA takedown, the creators of the map are confident that with a name-change and a few tweaks they would be able to put it back online. If you’re interested in checking the map out, you can read the official premise and download it here.

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Source: Official Map Page

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