1. No I just like punishing myself by having my expectations repeatedly shattered by my own allies

  2. Or I just am really bad at it and refuse to give up 😆

  3. Chelsea Fischer lol 😂😘

  4. Kristen Brusky or I’m stubborn and I don’t back down from a challenge 😂

  5. Not true, I kept playing Overwatch all day and have come to the realization that I have a problem.

  6. Where’s the punchline

  7. Grinding for a rare drop in monster hunter be like…

  8. this was and still is me trying to get the ultima weapon in kh3

  9. I literally spend all my free time gameing… last time I had a week off work I dint not leave my couch for like 5 days straight. I can easily put 12+ hours on a game in one sitting…people think I’m wierd I’m just trying to pump them numbers up. Cant be a rookie forever

  10. I dunno, I kinda spite played 4GO for the easy platinum…

  11. Harley Nutt Crash

  12. No, it’s the darkest dungeon and I accept this as self flaying.

  13. Sometimes you just wanna get your moneys worth for a game.

  14. Actually I don’t have many games hahahaha 😭

  15. Yeah. Games are just work tbh. Nothing but stress and just frustrating… I love them.

  16. No one likes playing R6 we just do it.

  17. I just go on a short rant on what annoys me amd then tell them all about the things I like.

  18. That’s what one would think, but…

  19. “nah. I actually wanna quit but i’m still grinding levels and because I still haven’t reached a checkpoint, I cant quit.”

  20. Me lately with ff14. I like the game but I prefer playing with friends, but that doesn’t happen when you’re just barely past the main quests from the base game and everyone else is balls deep in the darkness.


  22. Me getting invaded in Irithyl for the 1000th time

  23. Nah, I sit and play the same games for hours just because there’s nothing better to do, and playing games (while listening to podcasts) makes time pass by faster ’til it’s time to sleep again.

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