Ever wanted to impress your friends or that really cute girl/guy by showing them you are a deeply thinking individual? Or maybe you need a bit of help getting through your required philosophy course? What if your complex thinking skills were are placed into countless hours of learning different item builds on Dota 2, the timeline of the Zelda games and which Uncharted game is the best? Have no fear, Wisecrack will help you become a deeply cultured individual in no time, and in a fashion that is not only bearable but highly entertaining. How would you like to learn philosophy from some of the greatest philosophers in history through video games?

 Wisecrack makes their mission clear: “to bring the world education that doesn’t suck. New shows about psychology, history, art, music, and more.” One series you might be interested in, given that you’re on a site about video games, is 8-Bit Philosophy: Video Games Make You Smart. Each episode presents a key concept in philosophy from one of the greats, such as Plato, de Beauvoir, Hegel and more, and puts their ideas into the context of a popular retro video game. You get a nice feeling of nostalgia and learn some new things in the process. Forewarning though, this series will actually make you think. If you care for a taste, I’ve shared the playlist about, and you can see one of my personal favorites from the series here

Other notable Wisecrack series are Thug Notes in which you learn about literature, “from yo’ boy Sparky Sweets, PhD. It’s classic literature, original gangster” and Earthling Cinema where an awkward alien analyzes films from human history (Oh, we’re all extinct in that series). A new series, Pop Psych, has recently started which aims to tell you, “what’s wrong with your favorite fictional characters.” As an actual Wisecrack fan since my friend showed me Thug Notes when it only had five episodes, I highly recommend getting into this community. You get to have interesting conversations in the comments (isn’t that a rarity on YouTube), have a few laughs from the videos and get to learn new things that will make for interesting conversations and impress your friends. Now go get cultured.

Now that you are more educated and cultured let us know what you think of 8-Bit Philosophy and Wisecrack in the comments below! 

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Alex Hawkins
Alan Wake changed my life forever. I'm not afraid to admit my undying love for Animal Crossing. I plan to devote my life to writing and art. I have been playing video games since about the age of three and they have stayed my greatest passion. I began writing in high school through poetry and became interested in writing as a career going into college. I hope you enjoy reading what I post and to keep up with me follow me on Twitter or Instagram @artisticishalex. Peace.


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