Shenmue III‘s still going to have quick time events. Worried? Don’t be, says creator Yu Suzuki. The man’s aware that QTEs, the cutscene prompt sequences his Shenmue series helped invent, have become fairly infamous among players in action games. However, Suzuki claims that, used correctly, they are “a fundamental technique” for involving players in the drama of a game, and, with Shenmue III, it sounds like he’s got some new ideas to reinvent the mechanic.

I would like to take up the challenge of creating the next evolution of the QTE,” said Suzuki in an interview with Red Bull. What that’s going to mean, I haven’t the slightest idea about, but it’ll certainly be something interesting to see. Here’s to hoping it goes well and Shenmue III‘s Kickstarter backers are satisfied.

“While QTEs may feel a little wanting to some action gamers, I believe that it is a fundamental technique that allows a broad range of players to actively participate in the dramatic performances of a game. That said, I would like to take up the challenge of creating the next evolution of the QTE.”
— Yu Suzuki

Source: Red Bull

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