In a recent interview, Shigeru Miyamoto discussed the stamina gauge in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the difficulties of balancing it. During the interview, however, he also mentioned teleportation points as a means of getting around the world, confirming there is fast travel in the game. Miyamoto explained that the development team really wanted to show that the player had freedom to explore but also felt a sense of progression throughout the game. Bill Trinen also commented on this, saying that there are ways to increase your maximum stamina both temporarily and permanently.

Miyamoto explained that the other traversal methods, like horses, the paraglider, and the aforementioned teleportation points, all make the game’s exploration more varied. Trinen also believes that these additional methods completely change the way the player apprehends distances in the game.

There’s been no previous mention of the teleportation points, but these work as fast travel points in the game.
Breath of the Wild is twelve times the size of Twilight Princess, and so getting from one side of the world to the other would take a pretty long time without the ability to teleport back and forth.

GameKult: How do you make sure that the stamina gauge when Link sprints or when weapons breaks don’t become such a heavy burden for players, to the point of breaking the pace and discouraging a lot of people?

Shigeru Miyamoto: It is true that it is a difficult balance to find, especially in a world we explore over long horizontal distances, but also vertically. We really want to show in a concrete way that the character can travel as he pleases and is improving over time in this game. With a character where sprinting is unlimited, we probably would have shrunk the map. Today, we have faster ways to travel like horses, teleportation points or the paraglider which can be used in a complementary way to make exploration more varied. Link’s capacity to sprint and climb serves as a measure to determine everything else.

Bill Trinen: There are also ways to recharge your stamina faster by combining or cooking items. You could find ways to increase your maximum stamina temporarily or permanently. Keep in mind that the playable demo at E3 only represents a small portion of the game and does not allow to ride a horse or to use the paraglider; two options that completely changes the way to apprehend distances. When you get the occasion to glide over long distances and try the same path on foot, you’ll see how much that changes everything.

Source: GameKult

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